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Zu verkaufen/for sale: Solar Saturn 20 Gas Turbine Package – including all technics !



Technical details:

Betriebsstunden/running hours:            37,500
Starts:                                                504
Baujahr/year of manufacturing:             1995
Frequency:                                          50Hz
Brennstoff/fuel:                                     Gas/oil
Elektr. Leistung/ el. power:                   1,2 MW
Generator Type:                                   LSA 52 VL/9/4P
Voltage:                                              10 KV/1,350 KVA

Delivery and price, EXW Germany. POR

Option: Zero hour overhaul turbine and gearbox, including one year warranty.

12 month or 8,000 running hours whatever occurs first (1 start = 10 running hours),
net working time 8-12 weeks. (Without dismantling, shipping etc.) 

Available: immediately


Dismantling, packing, loading POR


The Turbine and the hold packages have only 37,500 running hours since new and are in very good condition.


Installation and commissioning can be offered.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.