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for sale:   2 x second hand Centaur CHP gas turbine generators 3,023/14,500 hrs,

last modification: controller bifuel start option for 300,000 EUR ! (incl. boroscopy and vibration control)


gas turbine generator package

equipped with cogeneration !





2 x Solar Centaur SoLoNOx Combined Cycle Power Plant, incl. CHP 9,8 MW electr.

 2 x Solar Centaur H (26,000 and only 2,500 running hours), each 3,8 MW electric

Exhaust gas with 510°C is cooled down to 130°C runs in

2 x waste heat recovery boiler (each 8t/h, 27 bar) which at the cold end produce

2 x 1.2 MW hot water, 2/1 line(s) /switchable to one line only feeds  with 1.5 bar a

 1 x  KKK Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch steam turbine (1,9 MW),

 also working with one Centaur at 800 kW !

Hot water tank 2 x 7.5 MW 

Peak load boiler 13.7 MW

 Elctr. power: 9,5 MW electr. in sum

 Therm. power. 24 MW 

Voltage: 6,3 KV 

Year of manufacturing: 1995 

Fuel: diesel and gas, both engines start on diesel 

Power efficiency 33.4% electr. net total 82.1% efficiency 4.000 Vh/a = (very) GOOD

 Available: immediately including piping and 2 x switch panels and all other equipment.